Christian Mission 2 Gaza


Donations can be made to support a number of our Mission Goals. Gaza Relief, Widows and Orphans, The Gaza Baptist Church, Iraqi Refugee Relief, Syrian Refugee Relief, Hanna Massad’s Missionary Support, the General Fund, and the Scholarship fund. Besides the normal activities of Christian Ministry such as preaching, teaching, Bible study, outreach, and pastoral care, the Christian Mission to Gaza distributes food and other essentials to as many families, both Muslim and Christian, as resources allow.

We accept personal checks or other means of donations as well. Please contact us regarding your preferred method of giving.

Tax receipts to verify our non-profit organization with tax-exempt status under IRC 501(c)(3) is provided.

Make checks payable to:

“Christian Mission to Gaza”

110 S. Mary Avenue, Suite 2-264 

Nipomo, California 93444