CM2G History

Partnering Churches Support CM2G

Sometimes people ask me why do we minister to Gaza?

Our answer:

"We believe God called us to. We believe his promises that we are not alone.
He is walking alongside of us.  Also, because we have good friends like you who encourage and care about us."

- Pastor Hanna Massad (Gaza Baptist Church)

We receive encouragement and support from many partnering churches who come and visit us in Gaza. They stand with us as believers living in a land that is hostile to our faith, remembering that if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it (1 Cor. 12:26).

In November 2006, two team members from a supporting partner church traveled to the Gaza Strip to encourage members of the Gaza Baptist Church and the Palestinian Bible Society. They visited the only Christian bookstore in the region and befriended the manager,  Rami Ayyad.

The bookstore after the bombing...
Unfortunately, the bookstore was bombed that following April. Through the support and prayers of Christians around the world, the staff remained committed to their vision to "not just survive, but to reach out with hope and healing and the love of Jesus Christ to their neighbors and even those that persecute them.

The bookstore was reopened only to face another tragedy.
On October 7th, the manager, Rami Ayyad (pictured lower right), was martyred by radical Muslim extremists, leaving behind a pregnant wife, Pauline, and two little boys. Rami was a youth worker at Gaza Baptist Church, where he and his family worshipped.

(Rami is pictured left)

Pauline's baby shower...
A partnering church has raised awareness of this event in their communities and written letters of encouragement to Rami's widow, Pauline. She has been given safe haven in Bethlehem. They hosted a baby shower for her after the New Year (2008), praying for the bookstore and church staff, many of whom have death threats against them.

Pauline's baby shower suitcase...
Afterward, a partnering church delivered these gifts, cards and photos of the baby shower to Pauline. An entire suitcase was loaded with clothing, blankets, and other small items. Also, funds were raised by a small group from our partnering church so a baby carrier could be purchased in country as well as some additional baby items.

Raising awareness, providing prayer support, participating in encouragement projects and advocacy events, and visiting persecuted Christians are several examples of how a partnering church can come alongside CM2G.