Christian Mission 2 Gaza

Ransom Story

Ransom Story One of the families we minister to and will never forget. The mothers name is Aghader and she taught in the university in the field of accounting .  Her husbands name was Noel and he was a pharmacist.  He had his own pharmacy and taught in the university at the same time.  They have two daughters […]

Christians Threatened

Christian Threatened This is another family from Iraq lives in Jordan. The fathers name is  Lieth and his wifes name is Raghada.  They have two children, Luce 10 years old and Rita 8 years old.  They lived in Suberb of Baghdad in EL husinia, which is about 20 miles from Baghdad. Lately when the Iraqi government became weaker, […]

Rami and Pauline

Rami and Pauline “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.” Matthew 8:35 Christians are to be erased if they do not convert to Islam. Muslims like ISIS hold fast to this scenario. Pauline knows that all too well. Pauline […]


Inaya “My husband was killed in Syria. While he was working a bullet hit him and our home had been bombed by a missile which destroyed the whole house, so I took the children and fled.” This is how one Syrian lady’s story started. “After they bombed us, I took my children and ran away. […]


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The Matti Family

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