Christian Mission 2 Gaza

Christian Threatened

This is another family from Iraq lives in Jordan. The fathers name is  Lieth and his wifes name is Raghada.  They have two children, Luce 10 years old and Rita 8 years old.  They lived in Suberb of Baghdad in EL husinia, which is about 20 miles from Baghdad. Lately when the Iraqi government became weaker, many military gangs(Militias)  stablished, who  threaten us because we areChristians and want us to be converted to Islam . On  Friday July 1, 2016, as usual,  we went to the house of my in laws but when we return back to our house in the way two cars stopped us and 6 people came out.  They threatened me with saying that they would will kill me because I did not listen to their threat in the first time . On  Thursday, July 7,2016, my neighbor who is part of this group said he did not accept their behaviour,  but he said your name was on their list you and you should  leave immediately.  We left our house lived with the family of my wife until August 13, 2016 then came to Jordan .