Christian Mission 2 Gaza


Health & Medical Care

Partnering with the local church (Christian Missionary Alliance Church) is another dimension of CMG.

The Christian Alliance Church started their ministry to the refugees in the early 90’s and has been growing and disciplinary these loved ones ever since. A free clinic is held twice a week for the refugees to come and receive free medical care for their families. Helping with vitamins and basic medicines (and care) in life ministries to the physical needs of these precious families, showing God’s love in a tangible way.

CMG partners with a church in Texas, who provides an eye glass ministry. They come once a year with a team to minister and provide exams and glasses for those who need help seeing, both far away, and up close (readers). Last year (2020) they were able to bring a new device which helped with accuracy. In 2021 COVID prevented the team to travel, but they hope to be back in Jordan in March 2022.

As an extremely poor family struggling to survive, Marven found himself in hardship surrounding COVID pandemic. His wife, Marin, came down with COVID. Marven took her to the public hospital, but there was no room for her there, so they directed her to the private hospital, since she needed oxygen. After she was admitted she contracted a lung infection and her kidneys malfunctioned, causing her to remain in the ICU for 45 days. She was fighting for her life, for herself, for her three children, for her family. While all this was happening in the ICU, Marven stayed in the garage of the hospital, not leaving the grounds, but remaining as close to her side as he could just in case there was anything he could do.

Marina eventually lost her fight to COVID. Marina passed away, leaving Marven and their three children, changing their lives forever. Feeling numb and in shock, Marven left the hospital without the love of hos life and the mother of his children. CMG was able to help withthe medical bills, and withyour generous support he is free of all the remaining medical expenses. Please continue to pray for Marven and his children, trusting that God will provide for all his needs, spiritually, emotionally, physically.