Christian Mission 2 Gaza

Get Involved

Meet the Families

“We have so many inquiries, how can we help?” says Pastor Hanna Massad. “It has been quite overwhelming, the number of people who want to help and understand more about what these families have gone through and suffered. It is amazing to see how we relate to each other and especially our brothers and sisters in Christ, and when we bring visitors from overseas it is encouraging to these families.” 

If your church, home group, or organization is interested in organizing a mission trip to Jordan, West Bank, Lebanon, or Egypt contact us at When that time comes, there is no substitute for the joy you will experience when you recognize Jesus in the faces of the people you meet. We look forward to welcoming you in the near future on a mission trip, where you will see the gift of your presence is the most precious gift of all.

Donate and fundraise

According to the WFP (World Food Program), food insecurity among refugees in Jordan has doubled in the last year; one-quarter of the refugees are already food insecure with a further two in three refugees on the edge of food insecurity. But while CMG’s food coupons are a lifeline for more than 600 refugees in Jordan, recently these families will receive no other food assistance from July due to a shortage of funds. (Some receive food assistance from the WFP). 

The consequences of cuts in food assistance will be dire, especially when families can’t work to earn any income to undergird their assistance. CMG raises around $80,000 annually to provide food coupons for these families to use in local supermarkets and to buy basic necessities. You can do anything to raise money to help support these refugee families. You can ask for donations to CMG instead of wedding gifts, you can hold a fundraiser or a concert for CMG, Jeffrey asked family and friends to donate $68 in honor of his 68th birthday. Bell asked for donations for her 16th birthday instead of presents! 100% of what you raise will go directly to help with the food coupons, education needs, orphanage needs, clinic expenses, and more.