Christian Mission 2 Gaza

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Refugee Relief

The lives of many Iraqi and Syrian refugees were thrown into turmoli when ISIS forces took over their towns. They knew they would have to denounce their faith and convert to Islam or be killed. So they fled to Jordan and other middle eastern countries, where they are safe from ISIS but regularly lacking in food and supplies. Christian Mission to Gaza has been helping refugees in Jordan by providing food coupons, hygiene supplies, medicine and more. The CMG team has handed out food coupons to these desperate families since 2011 (each quarter) and has continued to do so over the last year. Thanks to CMG partners stepping in to fill the gaps, Christian refugees have the supplies they need to take care of their families while they are waiting to immigrate to other countries.

The team works tirelessly to provide support for approximately 650 (Iraqi and Syrian) refugee families (4,500 indivuals) and six leaders in Jordan. Each leader shepherds over 85 refugee families, visiing weekly, counseling, praying, and encouraging the people they shepherd as well as (some of the leaders) leading small discipleship groups. Two congregations meet weekly, one smaller, with 70 families meeting in person, and one larger congregation which still meets on Zoom. Recently we saw almost 430 families join in! CMG is also working to ensure sustainability by supporting small businesses for some of the Syrian refugees. 

A free clinic is held twice a week for the refugees to come and receive free medical care for their families. Helping with vitamins and basic medicines (and care) in life ministers to the physical needs of these precious families, showing God’s love in a tangible way CMG is blessed to partner with a church in Texas, who provides an eye glass ministry, who will resume their ministry in March 2022, after missing 2021 due to COVID restrictions. They usually come once a year with a team to minister and provide exams and glasses.

While in Amman (last summer) Jolene Massad, along with her sister Joyce, worked with some of the refugee children. “I knew it was a very hard life, but i couldn’t imagine living through what some of these families endure. They carry the scars of war and displacement, it is extremely hard for them”