Christian Mission 2 Gaza

Ransom Story

One of the families we minister to and will never forget.

The mothers name is Aghader and she taught in the university in the field of accounting .  Her husbands name was Noel and he was a pharmacist.  He had his own pharmacy and taught in the university at the same time.  They have two daughters now that are now 12 and 13 . This family is from Mousel in Iraq. Noel was kidnapped on August 4th, 2006 and killed on August 7th, 2006 . Seven cars came to his pharmacy. There were 4 masked men in each car.  He was beaten in the pharmacy and kidnapped to an unknown area.  They requested  $ 100,000  from the family as ransom, but after the negotiation they agreed to $ 50,000.  At the time of exchange, they took the $ 50,000 without freeing Noel. They later said he was already killed. The daughters at that time were about 1 year and 2 years old.  They did not of course remember anything about their father. Aghader feels that the Muslim man who hired to help him in the pharmacy was part of these criminals . When the wife heard over the phone from these people they already killed him, she shouted why would you kill him? They said no accusation against him, he was just an infidel christian .