Christian Mission 2 Gaza

Scholarship Fund

It is hard not to reflect on the journey out of poverty so many families have had to try to make over the last twenty years. Journeys to freedom. Journeys to lives with choices, dignity, and hope. Open, families in Gaza live in extraordinarily challenging circumstances. Families who somehow survive on an income below the poverty line and struggle to feed their children, put a roof over their heads and send them to school. Education transforms children’s lives by helping them overcome adversities and poverty. This leads to be er health and increased income opportunities. Without it, many children
remain trapped in a life of poverty and hardship. We would like to tell you about a new initiative to help make a difference in the lives of the Christian Community in Gaza. EDUCATION CHANGES LIVES: I would like to introduce you to Issa R Saliba.

He and his family are part of the Chris an community in Gaza. His family had so little money, some mes they were forced to choose between food, clothes and sending their children to school. But Issa is the human face of what’s possible. Issa is the first recipient of the Chris an Mission to Gaza Scholarship Fund. He will be studying Architecture at American University (Madaba, Jordan). Issa received a 94% in High School, with assistance from CMG and the Gaza Bap st Church, who helped him with tutors along the way. We hope that Issa will be the first of many to make their way to University with the help of the CMG Scholarship Fund. But we can’t do it without your support and prayers!