Christian Mission 2 Gaza

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund It is hard not to reflect on the journey out of poverty so many families have had to try to make over the last twenty years. Journeys to freedom. Journeys to lives with choices, dignity, and hope. Open, families in Gaza live in extraordinarily challenging circumstances. Families who somehow survive on an income […]


Clinics Health & Medical Care Partnering with the local church (Christian Missionary Alliance Church) is another dimension of CMG. The Christian Alliance Church started their ministry to the refugees in the early 90’s and has been growing and disciplinary these loved ones ever since. A free clinic is held twice a week for the refugees to […]

Widows and Orphans

Widows and Orphans Two New Iniatives 2021 saw a new ministry arm for widows and orphans established under the CMG banner. Among the refugee families CMG ministers to, we realized there is also the unheard cries and unseen tears of the women and children who have lost loved ones in the grueling war with terror. CMG felt […]

Gaza Ministry

Gaza Ministry The Persecuted in Gaza Christian Mission to Gaza (CMG) serves as one of very few Christian organizations among nearly two million Muslims in one of the poorest and most densely populated areas of the world-an area that the United Nations warned recently would be uninhabitable one year from now. Among the 2 million Muslims are an […]

Syrian Ministry

Syrian Ministry Refugee Relief With an influx of refugees from four regional wars in just 70 years, millions of refugees from different conflicts currently live in Jordan. The country has about 655,000 Syrian refugees. Not only does CMG work closely with many Syrian refugees to help support and provide for these families, but also works […]

Iraqi Ministry

Iraqi Ministry Refugee Relief The lives of many Iraqi and Syrian refugees were thrown into turmoli when ISIS forces took over their towns. They knew they would have to denounce their faith and convert to Islam or be killed. So they fled to Jordan and other middle eastern countries, where they are safe from ISIS but regularly […]